Hex security helps warwicknet through cyber certification

25 APRIL 2016

Hex Security Limited supports WarwickNet through successful Cyber Essentials certification. This provides the confidence that WarwickNet, an established business Internet Service Provider who delivers high-speed connectivity solutions, has implemented the key technical security controls identified by the UK Government to protect against Cyber Attack.

HEX SECURITY signs a formal partnership agreement with InfoSaaS limited

08 OCTOBER 2014

Hex Security Limited has signed a formal partnership agreement with InfoSaaS Limited a provider of a cloud-based information security solution. InfoSaaS delivers an intelligent way of managing information security using a proven methodology which has delivered UKAS ISO27001 accredited systems for nearly 20 years.


HEX SECURITY are now a qualified acuity stream consultancy

10 JULY 2015

Hex Security Limited become one of the first qualified Acuity STREAM Consulting Partners within the UK. The programme is aimed at finding consultant partners in all major territories throughout the world and Hex can now offer approved STREAM consultancy support for a range of business and security certification standards.

HEX SECURITY outlines an optimised set of iso27001 consultancy services

10 FEBRUARY 2015

Hex Security Limited has designed a set of ISO27001 consultancy services to help simplify the certification process for organisations. This includes a partnership with InfoSaaS to deliver a cloud-based Information Security as a Service solution. Check out our latest video.


06 JANUARY 2020

Hex is delighted to announce that following a competitive procurement, the Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO) have awarded Hex a framework contract to provide Security and Information Risk Advisor (SIRA) services for a duration of up to 48 months including two optional 12-month extensions. The SSRO play a key role in the regulation of single source defence contracts with the security of associated information and systems a key priority.

HEX SECURITY join leading experts at a major cloud security event

02 DECEMBER 2014

Hex Security Limited join leading cloud security and mobility experts from IBM, Citrix, Skyscape, Forgerock, IASME, Helyx, and InfoSaaS at a Major Cloud Security and Privacy Conference hosted by Warwickshire and West Mercia Police delivering a series of cutting-edge presentations.

HEX SECURITY CYBER Security services framework

21 OCTOBER 2016

Hex Security Limited is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Certified Cyber Security Consultancy through the Cyber Security Services Framework managed by Crown Commercial Service (CCS). This framework and its subsequent iterations will continue to help the Public Sector procure certified cyber consultancy and services using an agile approach.



Hex Security Limited provides one of the expert cyber security speakers at a Major Cyber Crime Conference staged by Warwickshire and West Mercia Police. The day-long conference covered the threat that cyber crime poses to businesses and the public, Internet crime and advice on how people can protect themselves and their assets.

HEX SECURITY signs a formal partnership agreement with e2e-assure

31 MARCH 2015

Hex Security Limited has signed a formal partnership agreement with e2e-assure Limited a provider of managed cloud security solutions. e2e delivers private clouds, cloud protective monitoring, cloud risk management, virtual Security Operation Centres (vSOC), vSOC exposure and vulnerability scanning,  and secure mobility and cloud connectivity.


14 DECEMBER 2015

Hex Security Limited have developed a Secure Cross Domain Assurance Wrap with e2e-assure as part of its G-Cloud 7 service offerings. The service is relevant to customers who wish to connect to, or interconnect between, differing security domains. The service covers Security Architecture Review, Protective Monitoring, Penetration Testing and Accreditation.

HEX SECURITY successfully achieve cyber essentials certification

25 JULY 2014

Hex Security Limited is pleased to announce that it has successfully achieved certification under the Cyber Essentials Scheme following an independent review by IASME. This provides the confidence that Hex has implemented the key technical security controls identified by the UK Government to protect against Cyber Attack.

HEX SECURITY invited to present a g-cloud award at eurocloud uk 2015

30 JUNE 2015

Hex Security Limited has been invited by InfoSaaS, the innovative provider of cloud-based ISO27001 management software, to present the G-Cloud Outstanding Success Story Award at EuroCloud UK 2015. Hex is delighted to be presenting the Award on behalf of InfoSaaS as we continue to collectively deliver ISO27001 certification successes.

HEX SECURITY jointly exhibit at a west mercia police business and cyber-crime conference

18 JUNE 2015

Hex Security Limited and e2e-assure jointly exhibit at a key business and cyber-crime conference. The event opened by the Chief Constable of West Mercia Police and Wrekin Police Area Commander is supported by the Police and Crime Commissioner to explore how, in partnership, we reduce the number of victims that are subjected to business and cyber-crime. 


04 JULY 2017

Hex Security has generated a Cyber Blueprint for organisations of any size focused on delivering Enterprise Grade Security. Hex has successfully achieved Cyber Essentials PLUS certification using the blueprint’s reusable patterns and implementations. It takes a standard configuration approach to securing cloud business services consolidating CE+ and DCPP profiles.


24 FEBRUARY 2017

Hex Security Limited is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer our Cyber Security Teams and Specialists through the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 Framework managed by Crown Commercial Service (CCS). This framework will continue to help Public Sector organisations deliver Digital Services against defined Digital Outcomes and Specialisms.

HEX SECURITY release a joint statement with ARK DATA CENTRES

23 APRIL 2015

Hex Security Limited release a joint statement with Ark Data Centres as they announce that the Pan Government Accreditor (PGA) has issued them with a CESG Shared Service Assurance Certificate on behalf of the Head of Office Government Information Risk Owner for assured, scalable and flexible data centre hosting services.

HEX SECURITY mentioned in the SSRO DefCARS 2 Launch

16 MARCH 2017

Hex Security has been recognised as part the launch of the new Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO) Defence Contracts Analysis and Reporting System 2 (DefCARS 2). The security of the new system has been SSRO’s key priority and Hex are delighted to have provided SSRO with the required cyber security advice and accreditation support.

HEX SECURITY launches a unique set of cyber smart security services

08 JULY 2015

Hex Security Limited launches a new set of Cyber Smart Security Services delivered in collaboration with our partners. We have interconnected our collective capabilities and expertise to provide a unique set of security services that are designed to secure and protect the next generation of our digital ecosystem and digital society. Check out our latest video.


02 MARCH 2017

Hex Security is delighted to announce that we are now able to offer certified risk assessments through the new Cyber Security Services 2 Framework managed by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) after meeting both Award Stage 1 (CCS) and Award Stage 2 (NCSC) requirements.

HEX SECURITY successfully help e2e-group achieve iso27001 certification

17 JULY 2015

Hex Security Limited is pleased to have helped e2e successfully add ISO27001:2013 to their existing Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications. Never has it been more important for organisations to have a robust and independently verified ISMS and e2e continues to demonstrate its commitment to the delivery of secure cloud-based services.

HEX SECURITY provide support to ark and crown hosting data centre services

25 MARCH 2015

Hex Security Limited would like to congratulate Ark Data Centres on their recent joint venture with the Cabinet Office to deliver Crown Hosting Services. Hex is delighted to have helped Ark successfully obtain both their Cyber Essentials Certifications and CESG Shared Service Assurance Certificate issued by the PGA.


02 AUGUST 2016

Hex Security Limited has teamed up with e2e-assure to deliver a secure fully monitored message notification and alerting service for the Public Sector. The service is available via G-Cloud 8 to provide an extremely flexible and scalable capability to deliver two-way multi-channel (Mobile App, SMS, Email & Voice) location based notification services to the entire workforce.


31 MAY 2017

Hex Security is delighted to announce that we have successfully secured a place on the Ministry of Defence (MOD) FATS/5 framework (Filter 26). The MOD FATS/5 framework will allow Hex to offer a range of Cyber Security Services directly to the MOD in response to their needs.


29 MAY 2018

Hex is delighted to announce the signing of an agreement with the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) to develop a reference Security Architecture as part of their Network Enabled Army (NEA) Programme. The NEA Programme is a long term (up to 12 year) transformational programme that will introduce into service a deployable, networked C4ISR capability for the NZ Army.

HEX SECURITY recognised as a Cyber Security Supplier to Government

14 OCTOBER 2015

Hex Security Limited is proud to be recognised as part of the Cyber Security Supplier to Government Scheme. The scheme has been developed as part of the Cyber Growth Partnership to openly recognise suppliers of cyber security products or services to the UK Government and to support UK companies in the pursuit of global cyber security business opportunities.

HEX SECURITY release a cloud security whitepaper and educational video

06 DECEMBER 2014

Hex Security Limited release a Cloud Security Whitepaper and Educational Video to support Warwickshire and West Mercia Police initiatives to help promote greater cyber security awareness across business communities during a major Cyber Security and Privacy Event - (Whitepaper).


02 MAY 2016

Hex Security is to provide independent technical security expertise and design advice to MOD ISS for Defence Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IdAM) services. Hex has teamed with Helyx and ITSUS consulting to support the delivery of a robust IdAM Beta Design which will form the foundation of the subsequent live service.

HEX SECURITY and police & crime commissioners cyber crime videos

15 FEBRUARY 2016

Hex Security Limited is delighted to have been included in a series of Cyber Crime videos produced for the Offices of the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner, West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner and the West Midlands Regional Crime Unit. The video series help SMEs protect themselves against the threat from Cyber Crime.

HEX SECURITY is now able to provide security services through the g-cloud framework

03 JUNE 2014

Hex Security Limited, in partnership with ITSUS consulting, is now able to supply Security Services via the G-Cloud Framework. ITSUS offer a range of specialist cloud services and have selected Hex Security Limited as a trusted partner to deliver Security & Information Risk Advisor and Enterprise IA Architecture services.

HEX SECURITY approved R-Cloud Cyber Capability Supplier

07 JUNE 2017

Hex Security is pleased to confirm that we are now an approved DSTL Research Cloud (R-Cloud) Cyber Supplier. This DSTL marketplace provides opportunities for science and technology (S&T) research opportunities across a range of capabilities including Cyber, C4ISR, Counter Terrorism & Security, Integrated Survivability, Platform Systems and Weapons.



Hex Security Limited are delighted to have helped ITSUS Consulting successfully achieve Cyber Essentials PLUS certification. Hex and ITSUS have an extremely close relationship and our collective cyber security expertise continues to support our customers. We are both Cyber Security Suppliers to Government and offer joint G-Cloud 7 security service offerings.


14 NOVEMBER 2016

Hex Security Limited has been selected by the Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO) to provide security accreditation and assurance advice for the Defence Contracts Analysis and Reporting System 2 (DefCARS 2). Hex is delighted to have been awarded this contract and look forward to continuing to provide security consultancy support to the SSRO.